Patti LuPone Rips Madonna Over 'Evita': "She's Dead Behind The Eyes"

Patti LuPone stopped by Watch What Happens Live and she didn't have kind things to say about Madonna. The "Material Girl" came up in reference to Evita, a leading role that Madonna played on screen and LuPone originated on stage. Both won awards for their portrayal. 

Asked if the two had ever spoken about Evita, LuPone shared:

“I did meet her after her opening night party, and the only thing that  Madonna has ever said to me was, ‘I’m taller than you!’ Bada bing!”

But then when Cohen asked what she thought of Madonna's film performance in Evita, LuPone goes in, saying:

“I was on the treadmill when MTV used to have videos, and I saw, I believe it was ‘Buenos Aires’, and I thought it was a piece of shit.”

She continues, “Madonna is a movie killer. She’s dead behind the eyes. She cannot act her way out of a paper bag. She should not be on film or on stage. She is a wonderful performer for what she does but she is not an actress. Bing.”


Watch the video:


(H/T: Unicorn Booty)



Is this really a 'rip' when #1 Madonna hasn't acted in a film, aside from one voice acting role, since 2002 & #2 in 2006 Madonna herself said she was giving up acting due the heap of negative feedback she received for her past roles.

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