Penis Candles Used To Smuggle $1 Million Worth Of Meth

Photo: Law Enforcement

Penis shaped wax candles were used by a Mexican drug cartel in an attempt to smuggle $1 million worth of methamphetamine. 

1,300 pounds of meth candles, packed away in 27 cardboard boxes, were discovered when a DEA taskforce managed to trick the drug dealers into delivering the illicit drugs to a warehouse located in Patterson, New Jersey.

Said one law enforcement source:

"It's kind of a cross between 'Breaking Bad' and a 'Sex in the City' case."

Authorities charged five people for conspiring to distribute meth. If convicted, they could face anywhere from 10 years, to life in prison.

From The New York Daily News:

The bust came as part of a larger investigation into drug trafficking, and federal authorities believe that Mexican cartels are trying to create a market for meth in the city.

“DEA has seen drugs smuggled in numerous ways: concealed in puppies, lollipops, furniture and produce. But secreting a million dollars’ worth of methamphetamine in wax candles of various shapes is shocking,” said DEA Special Agent in charge James Hunt. “This seizure signifies that drug trafficking organizations are determined to create a stronghold of meth users in the Northeast..