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Pennsylvania High School Gives Awe-Inspiring Lip-Dub To Avicii's "Wake Me Up"

We don't wish we were back in high school very often, but North Hills in Pittsburgh has made us jealous (jelly, would they say?) of modern-day teens with the school's epic lip-dub of Avicii's "Wake Me Up." 


This was very cool. And your right, I would never want to go back to HS, but watching this video brought back some great memories of events like this one. Some day far far into the future, someone will find this video and share it with their fellow classmates and it will bring back this moment foe them. Very cool indeed! 

So great ! High school wasn't perfect but I have some really great memories & this video brought them all back 4 me !

WOW!...It looks like everyone is having such a great time.

Love it!  Young folks working together, having fun, and being positively entertaining!

True dat.
True dat.

Wow, what an incredibly well-coordinated and choreographed video. However, I have no idea how it relates to the theme or content of a gay magazine like "Instinct." Please enlighten me.

Not everything has to be gay. It's a fun story.

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