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Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims Takes ALS Ice Bucket Challenge!

​By now you've probably all seen or even participated in the amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) Ice Bucket Challenge. Participants can choose between dousing themselves with a bucket of ice water or donating to ALS. (Many choose to do both!)

While we've gotten enjoyment out of many of the videos, few have piqued our interest more than that belonging to Pennsylvania State Rep. Brian Sims. 

Of course, we were hoping that the studly, openly gay State Rep. might accept the challenge shirtless, but we'll accept this suited-up version in the name of charity!

Watch Brian Sims get wet for ALS!

Thanks, Brian!


His hotness would have melted all of the ice before it touched him 

He is absolutely hot! And such a great sport. Would 've loved to seen that chest hair!

I shall complain to brian about the lack of flesh!

DARN!!! I thought he would strip to his Speedos and then dump the bucket....

darn it all.....

Woof! ;-)

NO...not naked...shirtless....shirtless my friend.  :)

Next time take your clothes off.

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