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'Penny Dreadful' Star Reeve Carney On His Steamy Makeout w/ Josh Hartnett

Penny Dreadful star Reeve Carney was the envy of many when he got to lock lips with Josh Hartnett on the hit Showtime series. 

He spoke with toofab about how Mr. Hartnett stacked up! (Head over to toofab for video of the interview.)

"I knew that something like that would likely happen at some point and I figure, you know, you could certainly do a lot worse than Josh Hartnett," Carney told toofab's Brian Particelli at a Comic-Con party for the show. "It's probably all downhill for me in terms of any man-on-man action I might have on the show. They'll have to keep their game high!"

Very high. (GIFs!!)