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Pentatonix's Mitch & Scott Have Another Video For Their New Album

Superfruit are back (again).

Last week, we talked about their music video for “Imaginary Parties” and it seems Mitch Grassi and Scott Hoying want to keep people talking about them, because they’ve just released another one.

This new video is for their song “Bad For Us” and celebrates partying, the ‘70s, and gay culture. From mentioning gay icon Britney Spears to referencing Disco, Vogue, and Soul Train lines, this song is all about getting loose and having fun.

These two music videos are Mitch and Scott’s, also known as Superfruit’s, way of promoting their new album Future Friends. Future Friends is a two part album with the first already released (I’ve listened to it. It’s pretty good), and the second part planned to come out in September.

And while Mitch and Scott will always be committed to their original Grammy award winning group Pentatonix, they’ve said that its good for them to enjoy singing for just Superfruit every now and then.

“With Superfruit, it’s a little more gay-friendly and a lot more open, more sexual, more liberated,” as Grassi told Out recently.

Check out the “Bad 4 Us” video below and see what you think? Do you like “Imaginary Parties” better or do you just like both?