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Personal Trainer Mike Reading's Studly Thanksgiving Feast

Upon perusing Instagram this morning with the hashtag #thanksgiving, I was surprised to see one of the top posts being something outside of a celebrity basting a turkey or something of the sort.  What I got was personal trainer and bloke from down under Mike Reading's superbly cute picture of him and his seven friends enjoying the holiday down under. 

Technically speaking, Australia doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving like how we do in the states, but according to the internet (I had to check), it is celebrated on the last Wednesday of November on the Australian external territory of Norfolk Island. 


The sun's out today and I feel like this is where I should be #poolboy

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Regardless, Mike (his Instagram handle is @mikeaussie) is an adorable personal trainer & activity enthusiast who I may have to add to my list of "Aussies to Marry" now that the country itself is that much closer to gay marriage being legalized.  

He shared a post on his page about being thankful for his seven fellow friends, who just happen to be above water wearing nothing but board shorts or less.  I gotta give each guys props here for the colorful swimsuits themselves, although there is so much more to look at... and be thankful for.