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Pete Ricketts, NE Gubernatorial Candidate & Chicago Cubs Owner, Upset By Team's Support Of LGBT Community

The overwhelming optimism that flooded the hearts of Nebraska's LGBT community on Wednesday when gubernatorial candidate Annette Dubas came out in support of marriage equality has been tempered by bigotry from one of her challengers, Pete Ricketts (pictured on left). 

Ricketts, who is a co-owner of the Chicago Cubs along with his openly gay sister, has been pressured by fellow GOP gubernatorial candidates to distance himself from the MLB team's support for the gay community in the wake of Dubas' announcement. 

Laura Ricketts not only supports marriage equality, but has helped the Cubs co-sponsor the Chicago Gay Pride Parade—two instances that her politically-aspired brother has now come out vocally against in an effort to contrast himself from Dubas and blur back into the GOP lineup.

“My sister is gay. I love her, but I disagree with her on this issue,” Ricketts said on Thursday. 

He and the four other Republican candidates for governor of Nebraska have insisted they want the state's ban on marriage equality, passed by voters in 2000, to remain law. 




We have the same bigotry here in Australia ... Our f*ckwit PM has said he will go to his gay sisters wedding, but cannot support it ... WTF?? I wouldn't want any haters at my wedding - stay home Tony!!

Nothing like a hypocritical, two-faced Republican selling his soul to get a bigoted conservative vote.

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