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Peter Pan Proposes To Wendy In Real Life On Stage

Legend holds that Peter Pan is the boy who'll never grow up. The actors who play him don't have to remain true to the character's legend, however. 

At the end of a performance of Peter Pan in Glasgow, actor Sandor Sturbl fell to one knee to propose to girlfriend Lilly-Jane Young, who plays Wendy in the production. 


“We were just about to sing our final song of the night when the music suddenly stopped," Lilly-Jane, who's been in a relationship with Sandor for a year, detailed.

“I thought it was a technical hitch and was staring to panic when Sandor turned to the audience and said, ‘Well, ladies and gentlemen, this is usually the moment when Peter Pan gives Wendy a kiss. Lilly-Jane is the love of my life," she added.

“I couldn’t believe it. I said, ‘Yes’ straight away and all of the audience started clapping. It was a magical moment and one I’ll never forget.”

(h/t: Daily Record)




sorry but i would have to say best of luck to them and enjoy the unemployment office.  Finnish the show and then during the curtain call to ask them to marry you don't stop a show and do it because in any theatrical setting i have ever worked you would be fired with no future work with the company. 

, said the biggest buzzkill ever.

says the stage manager 

Oh wow...what a real tear jerker! Couldnt stop smiling all through it. Oh my, I wish them all the best! 

Well played sir, literally and figuratively! This made me tear up at the whimsy and magic of it, the setting and being a part of such a loving cast and crew! Truly a moment neither of you will ever forget! BRAVO!

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