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Petit Q, 'World's Smallest Men's Underwear' Give Models An Underwear Makeover

Our friends at Petit Q, "the smallest men's underwear in the world," have just released their latest video and this time their models are getting an underwear makeover!

You may see some familiar (and gorgeous) faces and bodies. Cody Cummings, Jeff Tetrealt, Addison Graham-Lucas, Kyle Goffney, Jesse Alex and Eric Angelo all participate!

You'll actually get to choose your own adventure as Petit Q has generously provided us with both censored and uncensored versions of the clips. 

Perhaps watch one now and then one after work? It's like getting a two-for-one deal on their undies!



That's one way to perk up a Tuesday!




I personally loved the underwear. There obviously not for daily wear but perfect for special occasions. Their Go Go/Dancer/Club party underwear. Not something to wear under your slacks to the office...even though I probly would. Gezzzz...lighten up guys!

If someone is going to pay that kind of money for that, they might as well just take a pair of tighty whities and rip holes in them. That's what some of that underwear looked like. Gross!

That was a total waste of time! Glad I know the name now tho so I never buy them! The underwear themselves look like someone took a nice pair of undies, and totally screwed them up...Disaster!

Um, no.

I lost interest once the man-scaping started. They weren't even that hairy to begin with. And then I saw the underwear. I wish I could unsee it. AWFUL. The cuts are not flattering at all making the fabric look droopy and loose on the ass. And the cut outs on the either side. Ugh. Sorry if I am insulting a new advertiser but I can't with these undies. Burn them. 

Just sad, on so many levels. Hot models can't even help that fashion trainwreck

I like the underwear, but they seem like they would be uncomfortable. They are definitely something I'd want to show of, but not many people see me in just underwear lol.

The guys are super hot and I love the video, but who wears that underwear?  I guess French guys?

I'm French and trust me, nobody would wear that thing in France.

Worlds ugliest underwear. 

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