Petition Launches Demanding AHF President Step Down After Labeling Truvada A "Party Drug"

It was one week ago when we asked you what you thought about Michael Weinstein, president of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF), labeling pre-exposure prophylaxis Truvada "a party drug." Since then, Weinstein has been slammed by critics and colleagues alike. Eric Paul Leue, the face of the AHF's leather community-outreach, has gone as far as launching a petition demanding that Weinstein step down from his leadership post. 

The petition calls Weinstein's "party drug" comment about a medication proven to prevent HIV infection more than 90 percent of the time "unbefitting the head of the world's largest AIDS service organization." It reads in part:

This petition is not about how Weinstein or we personally feel about HIV PrEP. This petition is about whether we, the people, should be allowed access to accurate information, free of stigma and discrimination. Since 1980, HIV and its prevention has been framed in moral terms, and the people carrying the virus blamed. The head of our largest AIDS service organization should know that HIV prevention is not “a party.”

With our signatures to remove Michael Weinstein as CEO and President of the AHF, we encourage the AIDS Healthcare Foundation to reconnect with the public to be able to continue their important work hand in hand with the communities they serve.

We ask for 50,000 people to sign this petition, and to use the hashtag #removeWeinstein to help raise awareness for this petition.

The petition has so far amassed more than 1,000 signatures of it's 50,000 goal. 

Should Weinstein step down, Instincters?



Would he say the same thing about a vaccine or a cure for HIV if it were invented? I think his comment is terribly irresponsible and betrays an outmoded mentality that HIV is the fault of those who become positive rather than a problem that needs to be addressed by society at large. It's time for Michael Weinstein to step down and shut the hell up. 

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