'Pharma Douche' Martin Shkreli: 'Of Course' I'd Raise Drug Price Again

Is he vying for the title of "Grinch" of the year?

Martin Shkreli, the infamous former Turing Pharmaceutical CEO, revealed on Friday that if he had the chance to raise the price of Daraprim once again, he absolutely would. 

The Hill reports:

Shkreli faced criticism last year for raising the price of Daraprim, an anti-infective used to treat AIDS and cancer patients, from $13.50 to $750. 

Asked by Bloomberg whether he would adopt a similar business model in the future, Shkreli answered, "Of course," adding, “Everybody’s doing it, in capitalism you try to get the highest price you can for a product.”

Shkreli also criticized the public reaction to his price increase but acknowledged he should have been better at predicting the pushback to his business plan.

“In terms of regret, I think, maybe not, you know, seeing that as acutely would’ve been a minor regret. But because the price increase has stuck, so to speak, I don’t really — that’s the main mission, which was to raise the price and have it generate increased revenue. That’s happened, so I’m happy with respect to that,” he said.

H/T: The Hill