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Pharrell Cries w/ Oprah Over World's Reaction To 'Happy'

​Pharrell Williams is beyond overwhelmed by the worldwide success of his massive hit "Happy" and it all comes to a head in an interview with Oprah, in which he sees a compilation of the fan made videos of his song from all around the world. 

Someone's definitely cutting up onions on the Oprah set (and over here at Instinct!). Watch!

So sweet! 


(H/T: Gawker)


I love Pharrell this song is the bomb!!!!! He deserves to be Happy .... GOD is GOOD 

This interview is as real as he is! This video made me shed a tear and of course the song makes me happy! Keep up the outstanding work Pharrell and hope to hear more jams

Love, love, love this song and loved how humble this wonderful man is.  Keep up the awesome work!

what a beautiful soul!!!!

I followed this guy since he first started and he has never change , he is the real deal from above . P keep up the Awsome work GOD has your back and you know this , always positive and first to help others and that's what makes him different from others .

Ahhhh...that is so sweet!

The man appears kind, humble and genuine in his gratitude.   Two minutes and forty three seconds of his sincerity is worth more than a whole damn life time of any or all Kardashians!  

spot on!!!!

that´s so sweet!!!

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