Photo Captures The Overwhelming Joy Of Gay Dads, Watching Their Son's Birth

A photograph shared to Instagram captures the overwhelming joy of a gay couple, the moment they became fathers to a newborn baby boy.

A Canadian woman named Angie became the surrogate for gay French couple, Sam and John.

Sam and John found Angie through Canadian Fertility Consulting, an organization that helps to match would-be parents with willing surrogates.

Since surrogacy was made illegal in France in 1994, Sam and John were forced to find a surrogate outside of their country.

Thankfully, it was a successful pairing, as you can see in the beautiful photograph below:

Professional birth photographer Meagan Adams was on hand to the life-changing, emotional moment. 

On Instagram, she writes:

“The past 48 hours of my life have been some of the most emotional I’ve ever experienced

“Every birth is an honour. Each time I am grateful. I am in awe of what women are capable of, despite the fact that I’ve seen it first hand 4 times.

“There is NOTHING like watching a woman, persevere and trust her body to deliver a baby, that she will not mother.

“I am forever in love with Angie, and the men who’s lives she changed by making them Daddies.

“I don’t know how I am not going to share every single image from this birth.” 

Congratulations to the happy family!