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Pics Of Justin Bieber's Nude Serenade Hit The Internet

Pictures obtained by TMZ today that will have an entire country's worth of tweens come of age show Justin Bieber fully in the buff, wearing nothing but a guitar. 

Apparently, Justin was staying at his grandmother's house of the Thanksgiving holiday late last year when he woke up late to the sounds of his family active in the living room. The young pop-star decided to play a prank of some sort on his fellow Biebers, so he stripped down, picked up a guitar and played a song for his meemaw. And a fellow family or entourage member took photos. 

That is quite the Thanksgiving spread, though...



lick my asshole

Maybe granny has a fixation for naked Bieber weiner. Maybe she wanted to remember back to the days when she would change his sweet!

YAY someone with a sense of humor! :)

Dont listen to those mean girls below Justin, cmon home to us, we'll lick your wounds over and over :)

What a skinny twink. 

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I can't help but wonder why ANYONE even pays this twit the least bit of attention in the first place. And what the Hell kind of kid 'serenades' his grandmother NAKED? Geezus, did he grow up in a deep, dense, dark forest or as a member of a clan of exhibitionists? This is purely revolting and NASTY! I would have kicked his pathetic ass to the curb for being so disrespectful to his granny! Ignorant, useless brat!

Foh!  Eww!  Yuck!  He looks like he should have bathed first.

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