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Pics & Video: U.K. Soap Stud Ben Hardy Strips & Gets Wet For Attitude

We already have a Tivo full of international soaps to keep up with in our off-hours, but now that we've been introduce to Ben Hardy, a star of the U.K.'s long-running EastEnders, we'll happily add another. 

Ben prepares the Northern Hemisphere for summer by stripping down and getting wet as Attitude's latest cover star. (Pick up the new digital issue of the U.K. gay mag here.) We got a sneak peek and a behind-the-scenes video (at the bottom of the page) from Ben's shoot that certainly has us wanting more of Ben's East Enders:

(h/t: Towleroad)



I want to suck his primo nipples!

Instead of bitching that pics of hot guys make you feel bad about yourself, how about you take your fat ass to a gym, work hard & become a hot guy yourself!!!

Abs, Pecs, Arms of steal: all things everyone can have....!!!!!

Hey Instinct,

I know that this is not really your fault - the fault lies with me since I am apparently not comfortable with myself. But I do want to say that this video makes me sad LoL. Because I look at it and say to myself, "oh God I wish I was beautiful and could have people primping me just to take a picture." Again I know that lies with me and not you - but I still would like to thank you for the soul crushing dreams!!! LoL - Don't get me wrong it was enjoyable watching him, but after seeing it I feel even worse about myself. And you guys do it all the time! I know I could just choose not to look, but I can't help it when they are so hott!  Any thoughts out there Instincters?

You could love yourself. Im not beautifullike he is either - but notice that he has an entire team to help him wjth that. Did you see them applying makeup? Hes not perfect either, although he is very handsome. Just own who you are.

He looks like Chris Colfer.

So very hot! 

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