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Pittsburgh Penguins Player Serves Naked Videobomb In Post-Game Interview

We're starting to think they're doing this on purpose! Maybe these athletes are just unleashing their inner exhibitionist??

A naked Pittsburgh Penguins player gave us a show in the background of this post-game interview with Tanner Glass. (NSFW-ish)

Gotta appreciate the unintended slow motion head nod from Glass. We approve as well, sir!

We know it's Kris Letang eating pizza in the doorway, but who's the guy putting on the show?


(H/T: Deadspin/ Antitwink)


Letang just finished blowing him. Then a sausage pizza for dessert.

Dick Inras, as to not ever want to disappoint your inner most fantasy at this point in time, that was more like a "sausage link", than a sausage for that pizza~ Enjoy!

You can see his thick bush but yeah his hand is covering his junk

Remind me to sneak into the locker rooms!

I wonder why they let Media film and take pictures at the door of the athletes locker room, isn't that weird? why the cameraman is filming and interviewing at the door of the locker room? and isn't supposed to be a more protected locker room entrance (door) at least 2 doors?  Maybe Brandon Sutter wanted the controversy, maybe not. Anyway, he got the publicity he was aiming for in case he made it on purpose. If not he is mad now. He should sue the establishment & media.

Nope, I definitely saw his well hung hockey stick.

i wanna know how much they laughed after this.Letang's face is priceless!!!!!!!

was that a little stroke he was doing at the very end there?

He totally did that on purpose. It's okay. Hey Brandon, nude beach. It's a lot more fun. Just puttin' that out there. Also, certain clubs cater to exhibitionism... straight, bi, curious and gay. 

Where is the link to the video?  I'd like to watch please let me know !!!!

I think this is "accidentally on purpose."

The guy who is flashing his business is none other than Brandon Sutter :)

It is Brandon Sutter... He's HOT!

Watch it can see his junk

You cant see anything. He has his hand on his junk. Nice body though.

A couple of fans think his name is Brandon Sutter. I tend to agree after seeing a few other photos of him.

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