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Planned NBC & CNN Hillary Clinton Projects Have Republicans Making Threats!

Hillz in 2016?? Many have been vocal in their support of the potential Democratic nominee for President, but it appears that a pair of high profile programs currently in development for NBC and CNN have members of the Republican party running scared! 

Deadline announced a Hillary Clinton NBC miniseries starring Diane Lane as well as a CNN documentary on the former Secretary of State, scheduled to air in 2014.

Let's just say the Republican National Committee isn't happy about it and they've thrown down the gauntlet at the feet of both CNN and NBC. 

The Guardian reports:

Reince Priebus, chair of the RNC, wrote to the heads of CNN and NBC on Monday. He warned both networks that he would seek a binding committee vote next week to "neither partner with you in 2016 primary debates nor sanction primary debates which you sponsor", unless they cancel the Clinton shows.

Last week NBC announced plans for a four-hour mini-series on Clinton, with Diane Lane in the starring role. Two days later CNN revealed it had commissioned its films division to make a big-budget documentary on Clinton to air in 2014.

"I'm writing to express my deep disappointment in your company's decision to air a miniseries promoting former Secretary Hillary Clinton ahead of her likely candidacy for the Democratic nomination for president in 2016," Priebus wrote to NBC Entertainment chairman Robert Greenblatt. The opening of his letter to CNN president Jeff Zucker substituted "miniseries" for "film" but was otherwise identical.

Priebus accused both networks of a "thinly-veiled attempt at putting a thumb on the scales of the 2016 presidential election". The programming would be unfair to others who might compete for the Democratic nomination, he said, "and to the Republican nominee, should Clinton compete in the general election".

His letter to NBC, made public on Monday, also drew attention to the fundraising efforts of employees at Comcast, NBC's parent company.

"David Cohen, Comcast's EVP, raised over $1.4m for President Obama's re-election efforts and hosted a fundraiser for the president. Comcast employees have donated $522,966 to the president and donated $161,640 to Secretary Clinton's previous campaigns," Priebus said.

The Republican Party has previously accepted donations from News Corp, which owns Fox News, without complaint.

Both letters ended with a clear threat.

"If you have not agreed to pull this programming prior to the start of the RNC's summer meeting on August 14, I will seek a binding vote of the RNC stating that the committee will neither partner with you in 2016 primary debates nor sanction primary debates which you sponsor."

NBC News said it was independent of the network's entertainment division, which is making the Clinton miniseries, and would not comment further.

CNN said: "Instead of making premature decisions about a project that is in the very early stages of development and months from completion, we would encourage the members of the Republican National Committee to reserve judgment until they know more. Should they decide not to participate in debates on CNN, we would find it curious, as limiting their debate participation seems to be the ultimate disservice to voters."


What do you think, Instincters? Is all of this Hillary Clinton coverage paving the way to her eventual Democratic Presidential nomination and possibly the presidency?

Should NBC and CNN stop their productions? Or is this the beginning of a well-earned victory lap for Hillary??


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