P*nis-Gun Game Takes You Inside The Illegal Gay Cruising Scene Of The 60s

A new computer game simulates the illicit gay cruising scene of the 1960s.

The Tearoom, from designer Robert Yang, transports players to a truck stop bathroom; the sort of place gay men would go to seek out a sexual encounter in a time long before Grindr.

From Kotaku:

Here’s the setup: I’m kneeling before a man with a gun for a penis licking him up and down until I’m shot with his clumpy, white “man oil.” All the while, I’m frantically checking my shoulder to make sure a cop doesn’t sneak up behind me and arrest me for sucking a guy off.

Clearly, there’s a lot to unpack here. Let’s start with the setting.

While some recent victories like marriage equality may have helped many simply forget about the long and arduous struggle for LGBTQ+ acceptance, much less actual rights, Yang wants to shine a spotlight on it. Set in a small roadside bathroom in Mansfield, Ohio, The Tearoom is a historical piece based on real events. It strives to recreate a sliver of the fear that many gay men felt at the time.

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In 1962, 38 men were arrested and charged with sodomy after police set up a sting operation at a public restroom in Mansfield, Ohio. 

Yang writes:

“The Mansfield police had to figure out how to jail people for having “public sex” that wasn’t actually in public view.

“To make this invisible subtext visible, the Mansfield police secretly recorded the public bathroom for 2 months and basically made one of the first full-color gay porn films in history.”

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