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Police Have Found A Seventh Victim of The Toronto Killer And Suspect More To Come

The serial killer who terrorized the gay village in Toronto has been charged with yet another murder.

When members of the gay village in Toronto expressed concern that gay men were disappearing, police and fellow Toronto citizens shooed them away. But, then earlier this year, police announced that they could connect the deaths of five gay men to landscaper Bruce McArthur.

Then in February, police found the body of a sixth victim to McArthur’s murderous intent. And now, they have unfortunately found a seventh.

“The city of Toronto has never seen anything like this,” said a police spokesman back in January when 66-year-old McArthur was first arrested.

After discovering the fifth victim, police announced that they would be checking all of the land that McArthur had worked on as a landscaper (due to his habit of stashing bodies in large flower planters found on former projects).

Yesterday, McArthur was linked to the murder of Abdulbasir Faizi, a married father of two who disappeared back in 2010.

Faizi’s remains were found, like many of the other men he’d killed, in large planters at a Toronto property that McArthur had once worked on.

On top of identifying Faizi’s remains, police have announced that they found six sets of remains in the planters with one set still needing to be identified. And that’s before you count the 75 properties that have to be searched inch by inch.

h/t: The Guardian