A Politician Blamed Gay Suicide on 'Weak Anal Muscles.'

Not really sure how 'weak anal muscles' became a factor for the increase in gay suicides, but one Swiss politician thinks this may be the cause.

Zurich City Council member Daniel Regli  has blamed incontinence due to weakened anal muscles as the reason for an increase in suicide among gay people.

He made the statement during a budget debate on funding for sex education. 

It was during that where he criticized a sex ed website called Lust and Frust (otherwise known as Pleasure and Pain).  He claimed the site promotes homosexuality and promiscuity but doesn’t say anything about “homosexuals with multiple partners take their lives between the ages of 30 and 40…because their anal muscle is not holding up as it should.”

Once his remarks were said, the room erupted in laughter and chaos, until Mayor Corine March, who happens to be an out lesbian, called for order. 

People in his own party are criticizing him, such as Marco Denoth (Swiss People's Party) who said "I do not want to see him anymore."

The Young Socialist Party is calling for him to resign, however Daniel is remaining defiant in the words that he spoke.  “I said Saturday what nobody wants to hear,” he claimed,



i think he needs a mental evaluation.  

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