Poll: Confederate Flag Is Four Times More Acceptable To Americans Than Rainbow Flag

Americans prefer a national and historic symbol of hate over the modern-day flag for civil rights and equality, according to the latest Public Policy Polling survey. Based on a story from October concerning a high school student who wore a confederate flag t-shirt in opposition to gay rights, the PPP poll asked respondents if they think either flag should be worn at school.

The results are horrifying. 

According to the poll, 38 percent of Americans think it's totally okay for teens to wear confederate flags to school, whereas only 9 percent feel the same way about rainbow flags. 

WaPo's Jonathan Capehart explains what a lot of Americans don't seem to understand:

Folks, the Confederate flag is no better than a Swastika. It is a symbol of white supremacy, hate and oppression that has no place in American political discourse. That Kanye West wants to co-opt the rebel banner is as noble as it is futile. Meanwhile, the rainbow that is the gay pride flag symbolizes inclusion and acceptance. Oftentimes, usually in other countries, the words “pace” or “peace” can be found emblazoned on it. The rainbow flag is the very antithesis of the Confederate flag. That the latter is deemed more acceptable than the former is deplorable.




You need a new headline writer.  The questions inquire about what should be "allowed" not what is "acceptable."  Even Q5 asks about what is "appropriate" not "acceptable."

Many believe that wearing anything that might be a distraction from the purpose of schools, which is to educate, should not be allowed.  The focus should be on instruction, not fashion.

As for the appropriateness of gay flags vs. confederate flags, the interesting thing is that a majority were not sure which or even whether either was appropriate.  

As previous poster stated. These questions were only asked of the republicans taking the poll. Given that, I'm actually surprised so many deemed the gay pride flag as acceptable. 

That portion of the poll was of republican voters, not of the whole population. Your summary is wrong.

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