Poll: Most Anti-Gay Americans Understand That Marriage Equality Is Inevitable

We can fault homophobes for many things, but being ignorant to the swift march of justice they are not. 

A new poll from Pew Research has surveyed the belief that same-sex marriage is inevitable amongst Americans. Perhaps surprisingly, 59 percent of homophobes believe that marriage equality is inevitable, according to the research. 

Jeremy Hooper hits the nail on the head at NOMExposed:

This is what NOM is up against: a reality where even a majority of its own supporters know that marriage equality is going to happen, despite their driven efforts. This obvious inevitability is, far and away, the most damaging thing NOM faces—which is precisely why they are working so hard to deny it.  They know that the writing on the wall demoralizes their support base and depresses their donations, so they are acting as if it's all a lie.  They pretend the trajectory and polling is just something we've concocted rather than an accurate representation of where America stands.

(Via JMG)