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Pope Blesses Gay Catholics In Letter Response To Italian LGBT Group

The impetus behind Pope Francis's recent public comments in favor of LGBT people has possibly come to light. LGBT group Kairos of Florence sent a letter to the Pope in June on behalf of gay Catholics who have been ignored by local bishops for years. They were shocked when they received a response, the first ever from Catholic hierarchy according to Kairos leaders. 

Gay Star News has more:

The Vatican Secretariat of State replied and, according to Innocenzo Pontillo from Kairos, said Pope Francis ‘really enjoyed that we wrote, calling it an act of “spontaneous confidence” and the way in which we had written’.

Even more significantly, Pontillo reports Pope Francis also gave them ‘his blessing’.

While the exact content of both letters in private and their existence has only just been made public today, it is seen as a major breakthrough.

Italy's La Repubblica, which broke the story today, suspects the letter and desire to open the channels of communication between LGBTs and the Vatican is what lead to Pope Francis's summer of pro-gayish statements. 


Does he bless gay non-Catholics,too, or is that too much to hope for?

I am so impressed with Pope Francis, he has started to forge head on in changing the Catholic Church. God give him continued health and strength to carry out what he has started. There are priests and Catholic laity that are backing him 100%.

Love and respect for equality and human rights.

Hopefully blessing  same-sex marriage , blessing  women as priests and  blessing priests marrying  come next.   Heal the spirit and soul of humanity and penetrate and educate    the fear, homophobia, hatred, bigotry,prejudice and discrimination and enlighten how to love and respect and create a  future for each other and future generations where we teach how to take care of each other with respect as equals with human rights.  We have the ability and technology to evolve and grow to help heal on many ways and levels.

Impressive...This Pontiff seems to be welcoming to all.  Going to be a long road for him to change the mindset of those who are currently in the church leadership and the priests.  They preach bigotry in the seminaries (know from first hand experience) and that is going to be a long road.  But, he is definitely setting the standard.

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