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Pope Francis Holds Private Mass For France's Biggest Homophobe

Imagine if Pope Francis held a private mass for NOM's Brian Brown, or Maggie Gallagher or Tony Perkins. That's basically what happened Thursday morning, when the "modern" Pope treated France's No. 1 homophobic activist to a private mass. 

Le Figaro, a right wing publication, gets Google/JMG translated to bring us the story:

The Pope "listened very carefully," according to the president of Manif Pour Tous, Ludovine Rochere, in a statement she made on Thursday morning in Sainte Marthe in Rome, where she was invited to participate in a private Mass with the Pope. "I was placed in the middle of the meeting," said Rochère, "but someone picked me before the start of the Mass, wondering if I was the president of the Manif Pour Tous, to put me at the forefront of the faithful along the aisle, just behind the priests." 

This protocol detail is not unimportant. Especially during this Mass, where only thirty people are allowed. It clearly means that the Pope wanted to honor this non-denominational movement since he did invite its principal representative.

After Mass, Pope Francis gave an interview to Rochère, who told him that she was there "on behalf of hundreds of thousands of French who mobilized against the law for gay marriage." She also told him that they were currently advocating on the issue of medically assisted procreation (MAP) and surrogacy. Although the language barrier did not favor the exchange that lasted about five minutes (the Pope understands but does not speak French), he promised that he "would consider" the best way to send a message to the French.

You may recall that Ludovine Rochère through Manif Pour Tous fought marriage equality tooth and nail fang and claw in France. Though she received plentiful help from American anti-gay activists like Brian Brown and her protests often turned very violent, she ultimately lost her crusade against equality.

Sure, you make progressive Catholics weak-kneed when you speak of real change from the Vatican when it comes to human rights, but actions are louder than words, Pope Francis.

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One has to face evil to conquer it! 

oh please, how quick we are as a community to make a mountain out of a mole hill. There is nothing in this story which supports the Pope actively supporting the groups views or stance. Who is to know what or if they had an in depth conversation. We as a community should spend out effort and energy into better things

I wonder if he didn't mean to honor but instead to pray for the errors in thinking.  Help to clear her mind.

Sort of like at john Paul II's funeral when world leaders were dismayed that Robert Mugabee was present, and that they were compelled to "pass the peace" to him during the liturgy. Sometimes you get stuck in a room with people you don't like or agree with, but have to suck it up.          

A.. The group is aligned with the Catholic Church on the procreation issues
B.. how is he to know what is on her mind if he doesn't speak to her?
C.. of course I don't trust the pope to b e on our side but the article is immature and childish

He has to be Pope to everybody.

Well, he can still be their Pope without inviting them to a private mass. Everyone said he was changing things, but he's not said or done anything new.

it is also possible that he needed to learn where she's at in order to urge her to be more moderate
..... it is in his interest to have Catholics portrayed as not hating anyone.

He is never going to approve of gays marrying but he wants to tone down live ugly rhetoric for the reputation of the church and to keep younger members

The fact that he doesn't support gay marriage is not at all the same as saying he hates gays, and precisely that is what he'll use in his defence. Before he became a Pope he said that gay marriage was "a thing by the devil, but now as Pope he can't maintain that same image in front of the world, just to be diplomatic. Once he became Pope, he said the Church couldn't condemn gays and everyone seemed to think that made him really progressive, and all I'm saying is that there's absolutely nothing new in that comment or others he has made about other issues, he's just being more demagogic.
We can fool ourselves and think he was trying to make this woman more moderate, but then we'd be ignoring the fact that this guy leads one of the most repressive institutions of all times when it comes to sexuality, and that he has expressed himself in those terms before.

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