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Pope Francis Warms Up To The Idea Of Civil Unions For Gay Couples

Pope Francis all but endorsed same-sex civil unions on behalf of the Catholic Church. During an interview with Italian press, the Pope supported the idea of relationship rights but stopped short of coming out for marriage equality. 

"Matrimony is between a man and a woman," Pope Francis said, but the ability to "regulate diverse situations of cohabitation (are) driven by the need to regulate economic aspects among persons, as for instance to assure medical care. It is necessary to look at the diverse cases and evaluate them in their variety." The pope specifically mentioned the need for gay couples to have hospital visitation rights and protections when it comes to property.

Pope Francis has publicly opposed marriage equality since assuming the papacy, but these new remarks warming up to some other form of recognizing same-sex unions fall in line with his handful of recent "Gay is Okay" moments. 

(h/t: Huffpo)


People! Stop behaving like starved dogs for affection!! No matter what The Pope says, it's the same as it ever was here in the United States. There's priests here in Illinois who confirm that. The Catholic Church HATES us, pure and simple. Get a back bone.

Although some people act without live toward gays and even other races, creeds, etc; they don't hate you. You May think and feel like that, but it's untrue - with possible individual exceptions. People are human, and don't really get "selfless love" and how to give it. Again, People are human - they are thinking and even are raised incorrectly. Sounds like your feeling the brunt of that attitude unfortunately. Catholic protests and the Pope and Christian followers, like unbelievers are in a continuous state (or should be) odds growth in reaching for the"perfect love" model. Pray for them. That's our battle gear and armour to call on the Lord's power to show them the way. Prayer effects change sooner or later in most people. I'll pray for you myself also. GOOD BLESS YOU!

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