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Popular Christian Radio Host Arrested For Child Molestation

Christian Family Radio WCSG (part of Michigan's Cornerstone University) has fired popular DJ/host John Balyo after he was arrested and charged with child molestation last week. 

"Balyo allegedly paid a defendant, who is the subject of a separate HSI child-exploitation investigation, to arrange sexual encounters with minor victims. Further details about the investigation are being withheld pending the defendant's appearance in court to answer to the charges," a release from the Department of Homeland Security explained on Friday.

Balyo was arrested Friday at the Big Ticket Festival, one of the largest Christian festivals in the U.S., according to the DHS. The conservative Christian DJ allegedly paid Ronald Lee Moser, owner of a DarkNet website that deals in child sex trafficking, to find him young boys for sexual encounters. When police raided Balyo's home earlier in the month, he was allegedly found with a 12-year old boy and child porn on his hard drive. 

"Late this morning we learned of the arrest and allegations against John Balyo, WCSG morning radio host," WCSG general manager Chris Lemke said in an official statement. "We are shocked and deeply saddened by the news as you might be as well."

"We trust in a God who is just and sovereign and will see us through this difficult time," Lemke added. "Effective today, John Balyo is no longer affiliated with WCSG Radio. As part of the WCSG family we ask you to join us in praying for God to be glorified through this situation and for justice to prevail. We also ask for your prayers for John, his family, and all those involved surrounding the allegations," he added.

Lemke then declared that Balyo's crimes are proof that "Satan is on the loose" in America. 

Ironically (but not surprisingly), Cornerstone University requires students to sign a "Lifestyle Statement" in a promise to abstain from “every form of immorality, including immoral sexual behavior, homosexuality, lying, stealing and cheating.” 


(Source: Christian Post)


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I am ashamed that this man was a bearer of Christ's name. How dare he use God as a mask to ruin children's lives. These kids will grow up to be extremely wounded adults. He is going to big time pay for this in prison too. 

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Satan is no excuse for this mans actions. Perhaps its time to look inwards and realize that oppression in religious communities is not the answer.

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Another example of the ramifications of a worldview that believes that "All Sins are Equal".

The Christian theologians needs to figure out how to change their interpretation of doctrine, or we'll continue to see this every single month.

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Did he fuck nigger kids? If so that is fine, as they are worthless.

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There is a VERY special pit in hell for asshats like you. Children are to be cared for and protected. Not used for your inbred style of living. Grow the fuck up or, better yet, permanently remover yourself and your family from the gene pool.

The problem is not the Bible but how these fundamentalist Christians interpret the Bible "literally" as the inerrant words of God, when in fact it is a product of two ancient communities (Jewish and Christian) struggling to understand their situation and God's role in it. So it is largely composed of metaphor or metaphorized "history" and of course written in a particular historical context, which fundamentalists pay no attention to,of course, and simply lift passages out of context  and thus do a great disservice to the both the Bible as a sacred text and the good news of Jesus we call the Christ. This is "Christianity" so-called  at its worst.

The penis wants what the penis wants.

Sad that they ask that you "join them in paying that god be glorified through this situation"


This guy is no better than a Catholic Priest molester.

I can't help but notice that the radio station didn't ask for prayers for the victim, only themselves and the molester.

Typical. And horribly sad that it is typical.

I noticed that as well...  How about prayers for the VICTIMS?

Actually, they did ask for prayers for the victims, this article just did not print that! check out the real statement that was made.

Ahh...  Thank you. 

When you worship a "God" that drowns children, kills the first born children, says that disobedient children should be killed and sends bears to tear apart children you are capable of anything. If their god doesn't even give a shit why should they? Religion numbs empathy for fellow human beings.


I would give him a public stoning!

Why is it that it is always the loudest bible thumping twats that get busted for crimes against kids?

Because they are trying to keep the spotlight off of them be projecting onto others. Just as Adam and Eve blamed eachother-so they could hide in shame. 

Why not. The bible teaches violence against children. Have you read the bible?'s pretty disgusting.  

disgusting fat pig burn forever in your imaginary lake of fire

WHY? This man obviously also attacked homosexuals - but was such a pervert that he abused minors.  Good for you and your "God-fearing" fellow Christians!

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