Popular U.K. Drag Queens Attacked In London

A night celebrating famous London drag star Dusty O's birthday quickly turned violent on SoHo's Old Compton Street. Members of the collective Familyyy Fierce, including Maxi More, pictured above, were walking down the street when they noticed a young queen being harassed. 

"There were quite a lot of drag queens out in London,’"More told So So Gay, "because it was famous London drag queen Dusty O’s birthday. We saw a guy being very loud and obviously drunk, hurling aggression at a young queen.

"The man grabbed his wig and pulled it off, at which point Miss Cairo and I decided to step in."

Unfortunately, the Familyyy Fierce members stepping in didn't much deter the attacker. 

More describes what happened next:

"I have long hair which was tied in a top knot; he grabbed my hair, dragging me around for around three minutes while punching me in the head before police arrived and pulled him off. All the time, his friend was standing nearby, pulling him away but without much conviction.

"The police arrested both, and by the time the two were locked into the back of the police van, they were so angry, it was rocking back and forth."

The attack highlights a larger problem occurring in SoHo, the center of London gay life. 

"Soho seems like a huge problem with drug dealers and drunk people at any time after 3am."

"This was half an act of homophobia and half blind drunkenness by a couple of ignorant chauvinists – it could have easily been directed at anyone else – gay, straight, trans. There was an extreme level of drunkenness by people not in control of their own actions.

"I was once harangued by drug dealers, who stole my phone so that I couldn’t call the police."

It seems that major gayborhoods around the world have become so popular and trendy that they attract huge mainstream mixed nightclubs, which in turn bring in an unsavory element ignorant to the area in which they've entered. Have you noticed this in your local gayborhood?

(Source: SoSoGay)