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Possible First Gay Rights Activist Convicted Under Russia's Anti-Gay Law Was Arrested With Help From His Parents

Dmitry Isakov is likely to become the first gay activist to be convicted under Russia's anti-gay law after he was attacked on arrested on July 30 ... with help from his parents!

PinkNews reports:

On July 30, Mr Isakov staged a one-man protest in the centre of the town of Kazan, Russia, holding up a sign which read: “Being gay and loving gays is normal. Beating gays and killing gays is a crime!”

According to Gay Russia, his mother and father helped authorities escort their son to the car where he was taken to a police station.

His father assisted police by bringing him to the ground as his mother stole the poster from his hands.

After his initial arrest, Mr Isakov was set free, although he was suffering from a number of injuries inflicted by police officers.

New chargers were filed against Dmitry this week when a father forced his teenage son to file a report after finding the story on the Internet. 

The news came yesterday however that a Russian teen has since filed charges against Mr Isakov after dicovering a picture of the activist’s campaign online.

The teen, Erik Fedoseyev, said he had been forced to file the complaint by his father, who reportedly hates gay people because his ex-wife left him for a woman.

While several others have also been charged and convicted across Russia, Mr Isakov’s legal team said he could be the first to be convicted and would face an enormous fine under the federal law.

The case is now at the Supreme Court of Tatarstan.


The West listen to Putin over Syriabut cconveniently turn a blind eye to this & victims (particularly women) of radical Islam!

As pathetic and horrific as these instances are, we must realize that there are still areas in this country where the hate is just as intense as it is in Russia.

Yeah, hate against hate doesn't make us any better people and in fact all i says that these horrid russians are correct. I stopped drinking vodka in protest, it may not be anything major but its important to me. If I had the ability I would do my best to get every single gay person out of russia that wanted to escape.

This is a shame. So is the comment above mine. You don't hang people. Does that not make us as barbaric?

Thank God I do not have parents like this. So sad. Pray for all these people.

Nazi barbarians. His "parents" and those gestapo deserve to hang just like the Nazis who were caught, tried and convicted after WWII - and they WILL hang, all of them.

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