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PR Exec For Major Conglomerate IAC Posts Derogatory Tweet: 'Going to Africa. Hope I don't get AIDS...'

Wow. Just wow.

Justine Sacco, (and get this) who serves as the Director of Communications for media conglomerate IAC— which just so happens to be the parent company of brands such as Vimeo, OkCupid and CollegeHumor—tweeted that she hoped she didn’t get AIDS on her trip to Africa.

What. A. Mess. Not to mention, hugely offensive. And disgusting. And racist. You get the point.

See the tweet below:












The word is still out on whether her account was hacked or if this is a hoax, but according to an exchange on ValleyWag who first reported the incident, IAC is investigating the issue and has released an official comment in the meantime. See below:




This is quite a week of controversial media mishaps. And if she is indeed in-air while this is spreading like wildfire across the internet and social media, her arrival is going to be less than pleasant. Perhaps justifiably so. How do you think this will play out, Instincters?



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I can't wait till she lands in Africa!  I wonder if she can even make it to an embassy before the mob gets her.

So she thinks because she is white she is immune to the disease therefore she can righteously make hateful racIst remarks. She must be a Fox News subscriber/idealogue. Moron!!!!

It's offensive, disgusting and instigates ignorance on how HIV is spread! Her words are a worse disease than any virus! 

i went to africa a few years ago and that is exactly what I said, i mean what exactly is the percentage of people in Africa with HIV, so who cares what she said it has nothing to do with race.  

I think she's in the wrong profession as she obviously doesn't understand that the purpose of a PR person is to provide *positive* PR of one's employer.

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