President Obama After Announcing His Support For Marriage Equality: "I Feel So Good About That"

Double Down, a new book about the 2012 election from the authors of Game Change, is giving us an incredible behind-the-scenes look at the Obama Administration's "evolution" to support marriage equality. 

"I feel so good about that," the president told adviser David Plouffe after revealing his support for same-sex marriage in a special interview on ABC News, the authors report.

Double Down also sheds light on the scramble the Obama Campaign endured after Vice President Joe Biden jumped the shark days prior to the ABC interview. 

Plouffe's reaction, according to authors, upon learning of Biden coming out in favor of same-sex marriage on Meet the Press:

"WHAT THE FUCK? was his reaction when he took a look at the transcript. We were going to do this! In the next two weeks! As a fucking surprise! HOW CAN THIS HAVE HAPPENED?!" 

The situation was obviously smoothed over to quickly become an important time in LGBT and American history. But an earlier report in the new book, out Tuesday, suggests that the whole thing might have been a tad more orchestrated than we previously thought. According to authors, the president actually had secretly supported marriage equality all along, an admission made by press secretary Robert Gibb who says he overheard Obama's support as early as 2004. 

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