President Trump Expected To Rollback Obama's Federal Protections For LGBT Employees

Remember when White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked if Donald Trump would reverse President Obama's executive order that protects LGBT persons from discrimination in the workplace and he answered, “I just don’t know the answer."

It would appear as though a decision has been made. 

The New Civil Rights Movement has the exclusive report:

A White House official speaking on the condition of anonymity has told NCRM that high ranking officials in the Trump administration are discussing the preparation of an executive order which would roll back and nullify President Barack Obama's 2014 executive orders (photo above: signing) which protect employees from anti-LGBT workplace discrimination while working for federal contractors. 

President Barack Obama's orders protect approximately one in five workers across the nation.

The official also acknowledged that discussions have included creating what would amount to a loophole allowing federal employees to discriminate or refuse service on the basis of "sincerely-held religious beliefs."

A congressional source tells NCRM the order is expected to be be signed this week, sometime before Thursday.

H/T: The New Civil Rights Movement



Il feel as thousands of GLBT also feel as a major crime not to place LGBT on the workplace protection list, as if you are a part of this list and Company's must comply.  Take it from a 54 year old gay male that has been together with his partner for 19 years.  Thankfully we were excited to finally get married 2 year ago in Palm Springs, Calif.   I have and continue to experience discrimination against LGBT as they are NOT protected.  I filed an EEOC  and was dismissed after 2 years and supplying over 250 pages and Wells Fargo sent approx. 8 page document that only repeated what I haq sent previously.  Two years of waiting for what?  The entire process and those you talk to at EEOC since you are not on the protected list.  President Trump - instead of reversing the process to protect LGBT rights to be whom they are as We The People.  It may appear that being LGBT is much more prevalent and not always accepted everywhere (like businesses) and its NOT.  If we are all to be protected,   Changes  to the non-discrimination laws that were written 50+ years ago .

Steven B.

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