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Pride & Prejudice Gets Modernized In An LGBT Way.

I could never get my head and heart wrapped around Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice. I wanted to care about the characters, but the girls just kept getting in the way. 

A new film, which hit iTunes, Amazon, and other streaming services yesterday May 30th, may just offer me an alternative to the straight and narrow of Austen's original piece of literature.

Before the Fall Trailer : A Gay Reimagining of Pride and Prejudice flips some of the characters our way so that we may see ourselves in the classic.

In this inverted version of the classic story, Elizabeth Bennet, now reimagined as the male character Ben Bennett (Ethan Sharrett), is a dashing attorney at the top of the genteel social set in southern Virginia. This placid existence is turned upside down when the rough-hewn Lee Darcy (Chase Conner) comes to town. Lee is a brooding, Fallbeaten-down welder with a secret he tries to drink away. After an altercation with his girlfriend, Lee is wrongfully charged with domestic abuse. Ben inadvertently insults Lee at the courthouse and the two men form a strong dislike for each other. This awkward situation is made worse when the two are forced to repeatedly encounter one another in their close-knit town. As the people around them struggle through romantic misunderstandings, Ben discovers that he has a secret of his own - he has fallen in love with Lee.

Here's an updated clip of the Washington House offering.




For more on this twist and a deeper explanation, here's a featurette in which we are told a little more about why it was created.



Is this someone running out of ideas?

Is this a great way to get LGBTers involved in the classics?

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