This Priest Is Working To Bridge The Gap Between The Catholic Church And The LGBT Community

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A Catholic priest is actively working to bridge the gap between the church and the LGBT community. 

Rev. James Martin notes that following the horrific Pulse nightclub tragedy in Orlando, last summer, his fellow clergy members offered their condolences, but sadly few were willing to acknowledge that many of the slain victims were LGBT. 

He tells the Advocate:

“That to me was really revealing, and that showed me that even in death LGBT Catholics were invisible to the institutional church."


To helping to raise the visibility of LGBT catholics, Martin decided to write a new book.

Building a Bridge: How the Catholic Church and the LGBT Community Can Enter Into a Relationship of Respect, Compassion, and Sensitivity, was written in the earnest hope that the church and LGBT Catholics can find a common ground.

The book documents the stories of LGBT Catholics, who “...shared stories with me about being insulted, slandered, excluded, rejected, and even fired.”

Beyond that, Martin uses the book as an oppotunity to make a case for the church's validation of the love shared in a same-sex relationship. 

“The most important thing for the church to do is listen to people in these relationships,

“That, to me, is the next step for the church.”

In an interview with NPR, Martin adds:

 I think that the church has spent too much time - by that, I mean the institutional church - speaking at, preaching at, tweeting about, publishing about LGBT people without actually getting to know them and listening to their experiences and asking them questions like - what's your experience of God like? Who is Jesus for you? What's your experience of the church like? - because the Holy Spirit resides in LGBT people. And the church really needs to listen and to pay attention to how the Holy Spirit is operating.

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