Primal Instinct: Out Olympic Speed Skater Blake Skjellerup Strips Down

Shouldn't the Monday after Pride be a gay religious holiday off of work? Unfortunately, it's not, and if you didn't manage to request a vacation day in advance, chances are you may need some hair of the dog following a raucous Pride weekend that left glitter in hard-to-clean places for most of the gay nation. 

We're sure a mostly-hairless-of--the dog and mostly-naked Blake Skjellerup (the gay Olympian to watch this coming winter in Sochi, Russia) will do the trick instead. After all, what a perfect way to recover from (or continue celebrating!) LGBT Pride month! 

Proving that Oprah really exists once and for all, the gorgeous openly gay New Zealander appears naked in the new issue of GT Magazine. Upon our thirteenth observation of the feature, we finally gave it a read and noticed that Blake is ready to go into Russia to teach 'em a lesson. “I don’t want to think because there are stories on the internet about me being gay is going to put me under any jeopardy, I hope I can bring some positive change in Russia to overcome their LGBT discrimination."

And swoon. 

(h/t: Queerty)