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Prince Harry Sports Ginger Beard During South Pole Trek w/ Alexander Skarsgard

We're hoping Prince Harry's new scruffy ginger beard is keeping him and that Viking god next to him Alexander Skarsgard warm during their trek to the South Pole!

The two studs were part of an expedition helmed by the National Science Foundation this past weekend. 

The Daily Beast ​writes:

Prince Harry lined up for this latest photo with Alexander Skarsgård, the actor who was the celebrity patron of the American team.

Three teams of seven participants each - representing the United Kingdom, the United States and the Commonwealth took part in the Virgin Money-sponsored event in aid of the charity Walking With the Wounded. The teams arrived on Dec. 13 at the South Pole after a difficult trip bedeviled by atrocious conditions.

Think Harry should keep the scruff, Instincters? (We'd be more concerned about keeping Alexander.)

Image Credit: National Science Foundation (H/T: Towleroad)


YES, only if I am the only one who gets to rub against it!

oh my goooooooooooosh he is so sexy in this way!!!!!

Gross. No no no. Bring back the clean shaven, sexy Harry.

So let me get this point you are making? They are walking with the wounded for charity and all you want to know is if he should keep the hair? Trite aren't you?!?

That is a sure proof that men need to wear scruff.  Damn sexy.

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