Prince Harry Visits Same Hospital Where His Mother Famously Kissed AIDS Patient

Prince Harry's Secret Visit to an HIV Hospital


Once again, Prince Harry has proven that he has a heart as big as his mother's. 

Last Friday, he visited Mildmay Mission Hospital in east London, the same hospital where Princess Diana visited HIV/AIDS patients in 1989. 

People reports:

In 1989, Diana memorably shook hands with an AIDS patient at Mildmay and kissed him on the cheek – a gesture that went a long way to highlighting the fight against the illness. 

During last week's visit, a follow-up to the public one he made last December – Harry was able to spend more time talking with staff and patients and continue building his knowledge. 

"He had a chance to speak to staff there for a bit longer," a spokesman for the prince tells PEOPLE. "He met with patients and spent some time learning a bit more about the work there. 

"He is continuing to learn more about HIV as a virus, and he was able to talk to them about his work on testing, which he is very interested in." 

In July, Harry publicly took an HIV test to encourage others to do the same. 

Prince Harry Quietly Visits HIV Hospital Where Princess Diana Famously Kissed AIDS Patient| The British Royals, The Royals, Prince Harry

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Juley Ayres, communications manager at Mildmay, tells PEOPLE, "Many of our patients feel afraid to disclose the fact that they are living with HIV because of stigma, and this can cause enormous anxiety. Stigma and discrimination is cited as one of the main reasons why people are reluctant to get tested, disclose their HIV status and take antiretroviral drugs. 

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This is so awesome. I know his mother is proud. He has without a doubt carried her torch. The spare to the throne has been one of the best Royals that I have seen in the current family. While William is good in his position, HRH seems to have taken a quiet and more subdued role in the last several years. I know that HRH William is being groomed for the throne but since his marriage something has changed. 

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