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Private School Loses Voucher Money Over Anti-LBGT Policy

Some schools across the country have been discriminating against LGBT students in their own ways, and at some point, they have to pay the price for the awful things they are doing.  In this case, it means some of their students will lose something very significant over bigotry.

Per The Baltimore Sun, a state education panel has voted unanimously to rescind taxpayer-funded vouchers from a Harford County Lutheran school that in Maryland said it reserved the right to deny admission to gay and transgender students.

The decision was made earlier this week when they were noted about the discriminatory language in the handbook of Trinity Lutheran Christian School, which is located in Joppa.

Essentially, this means that nineteen students from the school, who have relied on vouchers to help pay for tuition, will not be receiving it this year.  A provision in the state voucher law prohibits the school from expelling those children this year. Students may take the scholarship money and move to another school.

Trinity Lutheran Christian School says in its handbook that it reserves the right to refuse admission or discontinue the enrollment of any student “who is living in, condoning or practicing homosexual lifestyle or alternative gender identity; promoting such practices or otherwise having the inability to support the moral principals of the school.

On top of that, the school also reserves the right “to refuse admission of an applicant or to discontinue enrollment of a student of a same sex marriage or relationship.

Read more about the issue here. This is a grey matter in that the children are the ones being punished for what the school is doing in terms of discrimination.  Should there be a better medium so that they can go to school and not worry about the lack of funding?  Thoughts?