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Pro Soccer Players Star In Funky Trunks' New World Cup-Ready Underwear Ad

Just in time for the start of the World Cup 2014 comes a new underwear promo video from Funky Trunks starring pro footballlers Andrew Redmayne, Jeremy Walker and Grant Nel.

Just try to keep your eyes on the ball.



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Sounds like you're pretty pathetic. Nice SPAMMING too

This is great and all, but I will never understand why stuff like this is front-page news here, and stuff like this isn't even reported on.

Glenn were you born stupid or did you fall and bump your head?

Because this is an entertainment site, not a hard news site. Do you complain that E! News doesnt cover the return of Al Qaida in Iraq?

First of all Glenn, you are an idiot. Just to make that plain and clear from the start. Second, that article was made news. Also, Instinct is not that kind of news site and if you have issues with it, go elsewhere. Also, the article was just commenting on the swim gear. The commercial however was about sports and athleticism and much more. Pay closer attention, then go to your room and don't speak again.

Bless you my child...


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