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Prominent Lawyer In Russia Comes Out As Transgender

Prominent Russian lawyer Masha Bast has come out as transgender. Bast is the chair of the Association of Russian Lawyers for Human Rights, and has spoken out in mainstream Russian media to oppose the country's anti-gay propaganda laws.

Bast identifies as a bisexual female and is married to a woman. As Bast notes, "in practice we have a same-sex marriage."

She gave an in depth interview to The Moscow Times, but we wanted to share this excerpt in which she gives advice to trans youth in Russia; Bast says:

"Come out. The sooner, the better. Don't be afraid of your parents. Too many trans people worry about how society sees them and think they're a problem for society. Don't think that. It is your right. If it makes someone uncomfortable, that's their problem. And especially for young trans women, don't be afraid to go to a doctor. There are good doctors in Moscow and some in St. Petersburg who won't judge you.

We're all evolving. It isn't clear what humankind will be like in 100,000 years, in a million years. This idea of what is traditional, which is rooted in the Middle Ages, simply doesn't match reality. Evolution is ongoing. It isn't an issue of right or wrong. If there is a family, we have to recognize it. If it is a same-sex family, we have to recognize it. There are many different types of families."

Check out Masha's full interview here


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Bravo! For gays, LGBT go and fith for our right!

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