Prosecutors Asks Judge to Dismiss Mark Salling's Case After His Suicide

TMZ is reporting that prosecutors in the Mark Salling case are asking the judge to dismiss it as the former Glee star killed himself last week at the age of 35. 

The actor was awaiting sentencing for a 4-7 year sentence in prison after taking a plea deal for possessing pornographic images of minors on his personal computer. The conviction would also have required him to register as a sex offender. He was scheduled for sentencing on March 7th.

The documents to the judge are short and to the point, they are simply asking the federal judge who was hearing the case to dismiss the indictment.

An interesting point to notice is that the prosecutors want the indictment dismissed without prejudice, meaning that they could refile.  That won't happen, however, because once a defendant dies, the case is over.