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Public Beach Has Become Prime Cruising Spot!

Public Beach Has Become Prime Cruising Spot!

The Locals Are Furious!

I’m of the Millennial generation of gays. I never experienced cruising in any form. Cruising is, you know, public sex with a stranger. Well, I heard about it while working at a restaurant when I was 16 years old. This woman decided to tell me that her best friend’s ex-husband was caught cheating in the woods about forty minutes from where we worked. She almost scolded me that gay people go in there and have sex with each other. I wasn’t – and I wasn’t her friend’s ex-husband…thinking about it, I’m incredibly confused as to why she was upset AT me! Anyway, moving on:

According to Queerty, a relatively quiet section of a public beach in Queensland, Australia has turned into a gay cruising spot at all hours of the day and night! Ahh! Public sex is so dangerous! I don’t think any of us want to end up on a sex offender list, right?!

Well, if you’re in Queensland and want to head there; Mudjimba Beach on the Sunshine Coast is apparently where you get your rocks off. Queerty tells an anonymous source claims:

“Basically what happens is, any given day, all day, there are guys hooking up. They’ll walk along, have a signal and disappear into the dunes. That whole stretch of beach is well known to locals about what happens. They have wore a track right on the edge of the fenceline! Knowing you’re on a family beach and people are having sex behind you is just uncomfortable.”

I’m slightly uncomfortable. I don’t believe you should be hooking up publicly…especially on a beach where you can be seen! Like, what?! Since Australia has said yes to gay marriage, hopefully some of these bunnies can hop into a bed and not the sand…