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Putin Cracks Gay Joke (And Gets Laughs) In Front Of Former European Prime Ministers

So Russian President Vladimir Putin is openly making gay jokes now? 

Somebody's feeling bold. 

Americablog reports:

Putin made the comments today in front of the former president of the European Commission, Romano Prodi, and the former Prime Minister of France, François Fillon.

Commenting on former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi’s conviction on charges of having paid a minor for sex, Putin told a gather of former leaders that “People judge Berlusconi because he lives with women. If he were gay, no one would care.”

In fact, Berlusconi was judged for paying a child for sex.


Americablog goes on to speculate that Putin is implying that gays get away with having sex with children--i.e. we're all pedophiles. 

That may or may not have been the insinuation that he's trying to make, but considering Putin seems to be trying to convince the world that he and the Russian government aren't expressly homophobic (though their actions are entirely to the contrary)--you'd think that he wouldn't be so cavalier in his comments regarding gays, even seemingly in jest. 

What's your take, Instincters?



He is sending Russia right back to their Cold War status, and he'll succeed unless the Russian people do something about it.  Unfortunately, that won't happen.  I say send them into isolationism and let their "friends" rescue them from destitution.  Also, countries who believe in equal rights for all their citizens should boycott the winter games.  IMHO

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