Putin Shares Thoughts On Showering w/ A Gay Man

Filmmaker Oliver Stone interviewed Russian President Vladimir Putin as part of a four-part documentary called The Putin Interviews

Stone touched on Russia's anti-gay propaganda laws and even how Putin would react to showering next to a gay man in a submarine.

From Gay Star News:

Stone asked him about Russia’s discriminatory ‘gay propaganda’ law, passed in 2013, which has been the basis for raids and violence against gay people.

‘There are no restrictions whatsoever,’ Putin told Stone.

He also compared Russia to some Islamic states, saying gay people faced the death penalty there.

Stone then asked Putin whether he would shower next to a gay man in a submarine.

‘Well, I prefer not to go in the shower with him,’ Putin said.

‘Why provoke him?

‘But you know, I’m a judo master.’

Putin reportedly laughed while giving his answer.

The interviews were conducted between July 2015 and February 2017.