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Python Eats Passed Out Drunk Man In India

Meanwhile in India:

We prefer snakes of the one-eyed variety, thank you very much.



Image Source (H/T: Sport Smasher)


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Here in the Philippines there is a case same as that and also a horse was reported also and had been proven because they cut open the snake because it died when the snake swallow a full grown horse.... that's why dont tell me that it is impossible to swallow a human being... If you don't believe try it your self.... : P

Its a reticulated python Sigrid of course it can. And it certainly did happen. Know it alls thinking because they own a python it can't be true? Maybe study science/zoology like those of us who have or do some proper research to realise this can happen and HAS HAPPENED!

For anyone who has ever owned a snake you know when buying mice or whatever animal you feed it that you never buy anything wider than its head. While they can dislocate their jaw to open it further they cannot widen their jaw. The width of their jaw bone is not changeable. 

When the snake dislocates it's jaw to swallow it's prey, the width of the jawbone is no longer a factor as the skin between the jaws can stretch quite far. All you need to do is look at the picture to see that this snake has swallowed something FAR bigger than it's head...

My question were there no other people around? I mean it happened at a liquor store... why did no one help the man?

I'm with you. How long would it take for the snake to eat him? Some body must have seen it?
Prob to busy filming it? Ill look it up on you tube.

It's just so easy to report stuff that continues to represent developing countries as being strange, isn't it? Not only does one wonder what this has to do with the express intent of Instinct Magazine being LGBT-themed, nor does it leave much room to believe that the magazine would actually report on progressive or non-stereotypical goings on in countries like India.

Happened numerous of times before here in Malaysia. So it is possible that a python can consume a full sized human. It grows up to 30 over feet. The longest I've seen near where I stay in the city forest reserve is 6 - 7 meters long. Picked up a small ones before.


It happened in Indonesia. Here is the translated page of the original article.

After reading most of the above comments, I will assume that none of you are herpetologist. Better yet, I will assume that most of you are uneducated know-it-alls.

Fact: Pythons can eat a human. 

Fact: Pythons have consumed humans.

Fact: There are many documented cases.

Fact: Videos of pythons being cut open to remove consumed humans exist.

Fact: A 13 year old was swallowed by a pet Reticulated python in Tampa Florida in 1983.

Fact: Two years later a 28 year old man was killed(but not fully consumed) by a Reticulated python Sarasota Florida. 

False: Most of the previous comments are true!

Please research before you post a comment! It will only make you look more intelligent... I promise!

I  have lived in Tampa Florida since 1979 and have never heard of a 13 year old being eaten by a python! I have a friend that had a 30 ft/300 pound reticulated that was given to Busch Gardens a few years ago so i am very atuned to this kind of news. That being said yes a large reticulated could eat a small sized human.

Ken couldn't of said it better

I own pythons & there's no way that could happen. As they eat they crush the bones of their prey which aids in the digestion process. As they are swallowing & the bones crushing, the prey becomes completely disfigured when passing down the neck and becomes elongated to almost twice it's original length. Even if it did swallow something that size, not only

could it NOT get its jaw over suh a drastic size difference from a head to shoulder but there's absolutely NO way it would have held its shape on the way down to where you could tell what it is. Not possible. 

You're an idiot to think snakes crush bones of their prey  

there. and I am biology profesor. it happens rarely, but it happens. many people who hold extreme wild animals think they know alot about them. do you know that every time python lays near you he is just measuring your body to see if he can eat you. thats how goes life with pythons, and people think that when python lay near them on bed that python is trained. just night is all what takes. happened to my friend.

uncomfort with that pic :( .... snake phobia here.

Interesting that people in the picture are just standing around, instead of cutting it open. If this is true, were people just watching it happen, why didn't they help the man.

ew. (It ate a drunk? Give it some Tums.)

Bruch, that is simply not true. Please remember that a 13 foot python can swallow a 12 foot alligator. While i don't know if this particular picture is a hoax, there are many, many documented cases of constrictors swallowing humans whole. Their jaws dislocate- they can easily fit large prey inside.

so what does the city officials do about this, do they kill the Python, open it, and burry the man in a cemetary, and find out who he is, or do they let it live and do nothing..?

They follow the python and wait until it takes a shit. Then, they dry the turd and sprinkle it around a tree named after the unfortunate sleeping drunk.

This is a Reticulated python. They have and can eat humans. No problem for a snake 17' - 20 + ' to eat a small human. This happens more then you would think. No different then a Grizzly killing and consuming a human. South East Asia and the Phillipines......Looks like it ate a baby cow! Google snake eats hippo, snake eats cow and you will see first hand how wide they can open their mouths. It's beyond comprehension.

If a python can eat a small cow, even, it can consume a human. Both of our scapula aren't the size of 1 bovine scapula.

This is a reticulated python. They can and have eaten people. There are documented cases. You simply do not hear about it much. No different then a Grizzly eating a person. These snakes do kill people and it is common....

If it was an anaconda i could believe it but not a python. Maybe it ate a pig, a small cow but never an adult human.

yes if the Python is big enough it can eat a full size human hell a big Python can eat a full size adult cow.

Here in the Philippines we have cases of Python eating humans. 

Reticulated Pythons have more cases eating humans than anacondas

Please link 1 confirmed case where a retic ate a human.

How's about you google it yourself, you fucking prick?

Are they gonna cut it open... Surgically and see what it is?

A python can dislocate its jaw to swallow pray but it could never swallow a human pythons swallow there pray head first so it would not be able to get passed the shoulders of a human as that is the widest part of the body.

#pray is when you talk to the Higher Being.

While large snakes such as rock pythons have killed humans, confirmed and documented cases of such snakes actually swallowing adult humans are very rare. 

Not rare, completely unheard of.

Oh yes? And have you scoured every inch of this earth looking for signs? You fucktard.

snakes and gators can swallow humans whole..that is why they ave big mouths and can unhinge to swallow big prey!

Snakes and gators... not exactly apples and apples there. 

Why not just cut the snake open and find out?  

Just Revenge for all those Snakeskin boots and belts 

Looks very photoshopped; that snake's head is not big enough to swallow a person. There has never been a verified case of a python successfully consuming a person, though they do kill by constriction from time to time. If the photo turns out not to have been photoshopped, it still doesn't contain an human. The bulge could be a goat, sheep, pig or calf, all common prey items.


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