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Queen Latifah Speaks Out On Performing The Same-Sex Wedding At The Grammys!

Queen Latifah shared her thoughts on the mass wedding that she performed at the Grammys this weekend, which included many same-sex couples, and took us behind-the-scenes as she got sworn in as a commissioner of marriages and prepared for the big event!

Check out this segment from The Queen Latifah Show!

Clearly she was thrilled to take part. Queen Latifah's decision to not open up about her own much-speculated upon sexuality may remain puzzling, but at least she's putting her energy toward good rather than actively working against our cause. We're guessing the couples, both gay and straight, that she married on Sunday are quite grateful!

What do you think, Instincters?


(H/t: Queerty)


The younger generation should have respect for Madonna, and the work and dedication she has demonstrated to the Gay Community for DECADES... probably before they were even born!  How many friends and co-workers have she seen die of AIDS, and also to be victim of bullying, abuse, and discrimination, yet, she has continuously spoken out for the Gay Community and fought for our equality.  The question should be "how could the Grammy Wedding NOT include Madonna?"

Jim, very well said!! Where have those guys been that are making the comments about Madonna being an over kill. Seriously guys where have you been under a rock for last the 30 years??? Madonna has been the voice for Gay rights, and equality for so many years now. She had to be a part of this, I agree her performance wasn't 100% on point but none the less she showed up show support for all of those couples that were getting married. She had to be included DUH!!

Uh, FYI Madonna was both injured and probably wrecked on pain medication BUT she showed up and did her best. She's an ally so stop the trolling.

I just LOVED Madonna as a part of it. Madonna has been rooting for gay rights for a long long time, and her being part of this incredible time ... It all just fitted. Loved it !! RESPECT to Madonna !!

I dont think Madonna was over kill.  She was there to show support....nothing more, nothing less.

It was beautiful and moving just the way it was,Madonna singing Open Your Heart to the tune of Same Love was not overkill.   The only thing that could have made it better would have been to had the couples on the stage and spent a few more minutes with the ceremony.

Why are your videos blank so much lately instinct

the videos don't show up lately on a lot of these articles.  

I agree, Madonna was overkill... 

She just brings slez to it

i like Madonna, but she was a time and a place 

I think this title is misleading. There's no "speaking out."

I thought Queen Latifah officiating was awesome. I think adding Madonna was overkill, she kind of brought the performance down. Aside from that, tho, they did a great job. I love that Macklemore and Ryan Lewis are using their fame to stand up for what they believe. That is what art is about.

I agree Aaron, Madonna slowed down the pace and it was just not her best performance.  Trying to keep it tactful but I thought that Queen was awesome as well!  She looked great too!

The production with just Macklemore, Ryan Lewis & Mary Lambert was perfect. Then the Grammy show producers decided to overblow the powerful moment by adding Queen Latifah, Madonna & 33 couples getting married. It then became cheesy & mawkish and over-blown and un-necessary.

I think you're missing the glaringly obvious reason for the ceremony. Alas.......

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