Queer Chinese Photographer Ren Hang Is Dead At 29

Esteemed Chinese photographer Ren Hang was just one month away from celebrating his 30th birthday when he committed suicide, after succumbing to a battle with depression.

Artnet News reports:

The news of the sudden death of Chinese artist Ren Hang went viral on Chinese social media yesterday. Many people from the art world responded with expressions of sorrow for the loss of this talented young photographer and poet, who was only 30 years old.

“My friend Ren Hang left us this morning in Berlin,” wrote publisher Pierre Bessard on the Editions Bessard website. “I am sad and in shock.” Dutch publication De Morgen reports that the cause of death was suicide, citing the photographer’s “entourage sources,” according to a translation from Dazed Digital.

Ren Hang was born in 1987 in Jilin, China. He is renowned for his controversial “softcore pornography” work, which features provocative scenes of his friends in the nude. The intertwining limbs in the photos make it difficult to determine where one body begins and another ends.


Shoot with Sakura Ando for PURPLE FASHION magazine

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Hang's provocative work has been compared to that of celebrated (and sometimes controversial) photographers Ryan McGinley and Terry Richardson.


"JUNE", 2016

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“I don’t want others having the impression that Chinese people are robots with no cocks or pussies,” Hang said 


Numéro China magzine

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Remarked one of Hang's devoted fans, Queer filmmaker and activist Popo Fan, on Facebook:

“You probably never know how many people you saved with your photos.  

“Our golden era in Beijing has gone.”


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Rest in peace, Ren Hang.

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Here is an excerpt from his personal blog on his depression at rehang.org:

These days to find a new way to calm down, to fall on their own is a kind of contend for depression, whenever I touch the ground completely lying, pedestrians, ah, the vehicle can be from my body Trampled on the past, rolling over the past. And this time the consciousness will become sober, wisdom and memory seems to have increased, all the events of concern are vivid, and even recite the parties said, 1997 white Baoshan said in prison: I went out To kill If sentenced me to 20 years, I went out to kill adults. If sentenced me to life imprisonment, I commuted to kill, do not move adults, and I went to kindergarten to kill the child.


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