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Queer Rapper Le1f Lashes Out At Macklemore, Claims "Thrift Shop" Is His Stolen Song

Most of my Facebook and Twitter feeds on Sunday night displayed an outpouring of support and pride over the attention Macklemore's "Same Love" brought to equality at the 2013 VMAs.

Out rapper Le1f was not one of those effusively gushing gays.

Instead, the NYC-based artist used his Twitter feed to put Macklemore and Ryan Lewis on blast, claiming that the two straight men don't speak for the LGBT community. Oh, and they stole his song, or something.

Here's the t and shade Le1f served on Twitter this week:


Here's the song Le1f claims "Thrift Shop" is lifted from:



To clear up some of Le1f's confusion and to be fair, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis have both been tireless outspoken advocates for LGBT rights and fundraisers for the LGBT and ancillary communities, including, most recently, a pre-VMA benefit concert that raised money for HIV/AIDS awareness.

This upsets me to no end. As we continue to fight for acceptance and sometimes our lives in our very safe space gayborhoods, don't we have bigger targets to criticize than heteroseuxal allies who are rolling up their sleeves and getting to work for our civil rights? Oh, and Le1f, get over it: you don't own synth horn section samples in hip-hop tracks. This is a particularly frustrating story for me because I used to count myself a fan of the up-and-coming gay rapper. 

With that out of the way, what do you think of Le1f's claims? Did Macklemore & Ryan Lewis steal the gay rapper's "Wut" and turn it into "Thrift Shop"? Do gays not care about "Same Love" or the peerless work for the community exhibited by the hottest duo in hip-hop?

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let me guess some white man wrote this?

Uploaded May 2012. Note the different bridge- "I wear your grand dad's clothes / I'm pullin all your hos"

 "Don't we have bigger targets to criticize" says the white dude sniping at a black queer man over his issues with another  Beige straight getting heard and awarded over actual gay people. Lol ok dude maybe follow your own advice next time

U know what I too am tired like Le1f of these straight people using my community to yes make some bucks because were trendy now. I don't need Gaga & hell I didn't even know there was a Macklemore Same Love song. & I won't be looking it up. Bravo Le1f!

Someone's just a bitter queen over not having his own hit song.

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  1. He should be thankful that his song would mix well with a hit song LMAO
  2. He might get some air play if he would STFU

Oooooo Diva is one jealous queen. Eh, I'm over it. 

Whatever Maklemore did to it he made it tolerable. 

Actually, I do not care about him - he is trying to make drama so people will talk about him.

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