Quench Your Thirst With GIFs from The 'Bromans' Series Premier

Many of you lapped up the photos from the Bromans series premier!

And who wouldn't mind seeing all of those handsome, fit lads strip off their togas, and whatnot?

Sadly, we know that our state-side readers don't have ready access to British television, so many of you weren't able to actually watch the premier episode. 

Thankfully however, our friends at C&C have pulled through with a slew of GIFs, in which you can see the Bromans boys parading around (almost) completely naked!

Click HERE to check out the NSFW GIFs

UPDATE: You're in luck! The first episode of Broman's is up on Tumblr

H/T: C&C




Please, remind the producers this is pure rubbish is they ignore homoeroticism and homosexual love as it was a common aspect of ancient Roman civilization.

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