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'Quist' App Provides Daily LGBT History To Your Smartphone

Need to brush up on your LGBT history? There's an app for that!

The new app, Quist"is a mobile app that displays events from this day in LGBTQ history. 

Historical events in the app paint a picture of how far the LGBTQ community has come over time — how we have been treated, how we have reacted, how our allies have supported us, and how others have worked vehemently to stop the progress. LGBTQ individuals’ contributions to society and events in HIV/AIDS history are also included."

This free app is available for both IPhones and Android. 

According to the site: 

"Each day when a user opens the app on their smartphone or tablet, they will see the events from LGBTQ and HIV/AIDS world history that occurred on that date. Each event entry contains a brief description and an image, links to websites, videos, and products like DVDs or books, and a cited source. Events are searchable by date, year, country, and U.S. state.

Events range from LGBTQ individuals’ contributions to the arts and sciences, watershed moments in the LGBTQ liberation movements, milestones of the HIV epidemic, specific love stories from the last several hundred years, significant court cases and executions, and worldwide 'firsts' from the first transgender member of parliament’s election to the first time a same-sex wedding aired on a sitcom."

Sounds good to us! Will you be downloading Quist, Instincters?